Cie d' Outre Rue (Walking act)

The Orbilys

Third facet of an original reading of time, you now carries in the future of this.

Under the eye of prominent scientists at the company, have joined the ORBILYS DAHRUS clawed the legend and that of the luminescence of Noctilucent limbo.

Overlooking the crowd with a slow and sure, ORBILYS constantly questioning the mood of the globe.

These strange humanoid scrutinize everything and speak with the tips of eyes. It's probably because they have the sympathy of the compass in your eye!

According to the eminent scientists, nothing is more beautiful than to be moved to the eye ...!

If you're here, is that they've already seen!


A box
approximately 4 "x 6 meters (barn, shed ,...)
3.5 meters high
with access door to the outside
approximately 2 meters wide
3 meters high
no stairs ...
Access to a water and / or shower.
In the lodge, a large table and two chairs, access to a 220 volt outlet and light if the place is dark.
A snack before or after the show and drink during the service for three people (two actors and a caregiver).


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