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Shiva Grings (Ir-D)

Shiva Grings is The Pigeon Chaser: a man on a mission to entertain. A singing, improvising, lovable clown, the Pigeon Chaser takes every situation and melts it into something unique and wonderful.

The idea of the show is simple: one hour of pure improvisation. It is an hour in which the audience is constantly surprised; in which anything can happen; a circle show that has the audience coming back for more because it is different every time. This is performance Jazz!

The Pigeon Chaser evolves his show out of the moment and integrates everything that is given to him from his environment; audience, venue, gusts of winds, even pigeons are unwittingly sucked into the performance. At the end there is always a climatic ending, be it a karate number or a King-Kong tribute; a juggling routine upon the shoulders of brave men, or a particularly awkward piece of contortionism.

The Pigeon Chaser is Shiva Grings' pure improvisation show. It is site specific and aims to be daring and bold, bravely taking its comedy from the moment and allowing it develope in new directions every time. It is the ideal show for every festival!


Technical details:
Duration: 30 - 60 minutes.
Location: This is a circle show. Being an improvised performance, it is possible to place it in smaller venues, but a large venue without much noise is preferable. A slow flow of people can be quite conductive for the comedy.
Amplification: The Pigeon Chaser is a non-amplified show that is not reliant on language. A location without loud background noise is prefered.


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