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Duo Headless (Ch)

Hand to hand performance by Maja Weiller and Dominic Ulli - "the end once more tells about the irrationality of love and the paradox that the human longing for love, yet before it is afraid that he met with affection accept. Love begets pain, and pain awakens longing for love. Unconditional claim to totality in the flow of love and pain to the limits of the physical together, and the virtuosic body control, the ease and speed of movements rob the audience breathless. Two bodies, torn between love and pain, powerful and simple, carefully anxious to explore this tension. Attraction and repulsion, energy, and creating counter - they form the foundation of the acrobatics? Relationship constantly tipping, where one does not expect it. An artistic and dancing event.

Show duration: 30 min.
Performance space: min. 5 x 4 meter,
Technique: electricity
Set up: -
Take down: ca. 10 min.



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